So many different types of carpet…. Which one is right for you?

When you are buying carpet, there are a large variety of fibre types that carpets can be produced from. All have their pros and cons, so really it just depends on what you are looking for, as to which suits you best. Generally speaking, we all have our favourites, however we sell a huge amount of each of these carpets types every day.

Wool carpets are soft and resilient. They are 100% renewable as they are a natural fibre. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and do not support bacterial growth. Wool carpets are naturally insulating, flame and stain resistant. They are a great option for rooms with a fireplace for this reason. Wool blend carpets are mixture of wool and other fibres, most commonly 80% wool, 20% synthetic. They give the benefit of both fibre types including the durability of the synthetic and the luxurious feel of wool alone. The stain protection for wool carpets come from the lanolin in the wool fibre. For this reason, the synthetic carpets tend to have better stain resistance guarantees. If, however, you do not require a product with high stain protection, the durability of the carpet is most certainly up to par.

Triexta carpets are made from Sorona® Triexta fibre which is a renewably resourced polymer, made from natural corn sugar. It is one of the most wear, stain and fade resistant fibres. Spills can be cleaned with just cold water. Triexta is luxuriously soft and boast industry leading, Australian guarantees including a fade resistance guarantee ensuring that they will not significantly change colour due to sunlight or ozone. It has a soft feel similar to wool and is available in a variety of colours and styles.

Nylon carpets are very resilient, making them ideal for all high traffic areas, including stairs, entrances, etc. within the home or business. They have added stain resistance and colour fastness properties making it easy to clean and great for families and pets. The nylon fibre is also very versatile allowing it to be produced in a huge range of colours and styles. Nylon carpets generally have many of the attributes of a wool carpet, but at a lower price.

Solution Dyed Nylon and PET carpet fibre is dyed throughout the yarn to its core making it one of the leaders in stain resistance and fading. For this reason, they are a great option for installation in areas where there is a high UV or sunlight exposure to the carpet. They are very soft underfoot and have great durability without being too expensive.

Polyester and Polypropylene are more economical synthetic fibres. They are generally very durable and are a great option for new home owners, renovators and rental properties. They also generally have a light commercial rating making them suitable for installation in offices

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