Our Guarantee

We offer a 2 year warranty on all flooring installations. This warranty is limited to failure of the flooring as a direct result of workmanship and is limited only to repair or replacement of the affected flooring including sanding & coating. This warranty applies only to installations completed:

  • In Australia
  • To the original purchaser of the floor, or in the case of a builder or developer, the owner of the residential home 6 months after purchase of the floor.
  • To new, first quality flooring in its original installation

Repair or replacement shall be at the sole discretion of Steve’s Discount Flooring. This warranty does not extend to any loss or other costs resulting from the claim. No claims will be considered under circumstances other than workmanship.

Various product warranties are offered by the manufacturers. It is the responsibility of the customer to make an informed choice taking such warranties into consideration. It should be understood that product warranties are offered by the manufacturer and not Steve’s Discount Flooring.

Steve’s Discount Flooring Geelong will accept no claim in relation to:

  • Product performance, colour fastness, faults or any product related issue.
  • Damage due to improper maintenance, application of improper cleaning agents, methods, mishaps or damage caused by failing to carry out proper routine maintenance.
  • Damage directly associated with exposure to excessive moisture (either to the surface or water/ moisture trapped beneath the floor), particularly when the owner has been notified prior to installation and has accepted the risks of installing this flooring.
  • Floors when concerns raised by Steve’s Discount Flooring have been communicated to the purchaser prior to installation in which the purchaser has agreed to proceed with the installation despite the concerns of our company or our installers.
  • Damage resulting from mechanical stress, accidents, abuse (being any use considered unreasonable given the normal and expected use of floor), sand, stones, dragged objects, heavy furniture, castor wheels, dropped items, burning, flooding, cutting, smoke, exposure to very hot substances or chemicals or industrial products.
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