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Steve’s Discount Flooring provides flooring installation for a range of floor coverings in Geelong, from carpet to cork flooring, our experienced team can do it all at an affordable price.

All of our install projects prioritise the highest quality of workmanship, whether we’re installing vinyl or hardwood floors. Our hardwood flooring installation service also includes

Customers Please Ensure The Following Prior To Installation

  • Our quote must be signed to acknowledge terms and conditions and a 50% deposit received prior to ordering of your goods.
  • We must be informed a minimum of 2 working days prior if your job is not ready on the agreed installation date. We reserve the right to add a surcharge to your invoice in order to remunerate our contractors for their lost earnings.
  • Ensure full access to site, eg: Client on site or keys supplied.
  • Ensure our installers have exclusive access to work area, eg: we will not install floor coverings with other tradesmen working in or walking through the work area.
  • Power to be on or access to a power source arranged, eg: supply a generator or run a lead from a neighbouring property.
  • Remove all furniture, stock, food and clothing or any other obstructions from the floor space in the work area (If applicable or otherwise agreed & listed in our quote which you have signed & agreed to).
  • Remove existing floor coverings as instructed by our staff (If applicable or otherwise agreed & listed in our quote which you have signed & agreed to).
  • Remove doors and door stops or tracks (if necessary) and ensure window furnishings will not obstruct the floor area. If you are unsure if doors need to be removed, please ask our staff.
  • Where possible, the final coat of paint to skirts and walls should be applied after the completion of works. Alternatively it is to be anticipated that minor touch ups may be necessary upon completion. We take no responsibility for minor paint damage or more significant damage resulting from insufficiently cured paint or poorly adhered paint.
  • Site should be clean and clear of building materials or other debris.
  • It is the customers/ builders responsibility to provide a safe work place for our staff and contractors whilst on your site eg: when working upstairs, a staircase with balustrade must be fitted. We will not carry materials up a ladder.
  • Ensure all windows, doors, air vents and fire places are sealed to protect from any dirt, moisture of other contaminants entering the work area.
  • If you are contracting our services to shift furniture, this includes only shifting mid-large items of furniture. We will not shift piano’s, snooker tables or other such extremely heavy items. All other shifting remains the responsibility of the customer eg: glassware, ornaments, disconnection of entertainment systems or computers, stripping back the beds, removing clothing from work areas etc. Although care is taken with your items, we will accept no claim for any loss or damage incurred as a result of furniture shifting. We reserve the right to refuse to shift any item/s which presents a work health and safety issue or we perceive to be of fragile or of high value such as antique furniture.
  • It is the customers responsibility to inform us of any additives treatments, or other possible contaminants which have been applied to the floor, eg: Neoprene on concrete.
  • It is not always possible to determine the condition of the sub floor prior to commencement of works. If at any point it is determined the floor requires extra work in order to allow for a successful installation, such works shall be quoted as an extra cost or explained in detail to allow the customer to rectify the issue. We take no responsibility for the failure of floor preparation carried out or applied by the customer or damage/ loss of the flooring as a result thereof.
  • Our installers will not remove or refit, plumbed in or wired in appliances such as toilet bowls, dishwashers or ovens etc. If these appliances are in place when we arrive on site, we will lay around them (if possible).

If we are installing raw solid timber flooring and/or sanding and polishing

  • Ensure that nobody enters the work area during the sanding and coating process or for 24 hours (or as advised by our staff) after the final coat has been applied.
  • Care should be taken not to expose the timber flooring to contaminate following installation, especially during coats eg: painters to use drop sheets, plasters not to mix on floor. Cleaning products especially silicone based products should never be used in the work area of an unfinished floor. We take no responsibility for coating rejection as a result of contaminates on the timber flooring.
  • Gas appliances should be turned off at the mains and all naked flames extinguished prior to coating.
  • Do not use heating or cooling appliances during coating times.
  • Arrange alternative accommodation (if necessary) during coating times especially if using a solvent based polyurethane.

Please note: It is essential that the above guidelines be adhered to in preparing for your installation. Please ensure the guidelines are met as non compliance may result in the installation not being able to proceed as planned, failure of the flooring products or installation or exposure of our employees/ contractors to unsafe working conditions. In this case we reserve the right to add a surcharge to your invoice in order to remunerate our contractors for their lost earnings if they are not able to work as planned.

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