Why we can sell high quality carpet cheap in Geelong

For over 40 years Steve’s Discount Flooring & Tile Mart has been selling the cheapest carpet in Geelong and surrounding areas. People often mistake cheap carpet meaning cheap quality carpet. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is a good reason why we can provide high-quality carpet at Geelong’s cheapest prices.

There are many reasons why we have been recognised for over 4 decades as the go-to carpet store in Geelong.

Important to anybody looking to purchase carpet or any other flooring is always to ensure you are getting the best possible price whether it be top of the range or entry-level flooring you require for your specific purpose.

We have always been able to offer our customers considerably cheaper pricing for a number of reasons.
Did you know that all of the nationwide chain stores pay rebates to suppliers?
We don’t!!
Most major chain stores buy materials such as carpet and underlay via their head office. On almost every purchase the head office charges a rebate to the supplier. As a result, they pay more for the materials than we do. This can be up to 30%. This is what funds the fancy ad campaigns and celebrity endorsements you see on TV which you ultimately pay for.

For example; The local chain store orders a carpet from their head office at a price of $100 per metre. Head office purchases the carpet on their behalf from the supplier. The supplier then reimburses head office up to 30% of that purchase, hence costing the local guy and you the consumer up to 30% more than it should have. We do not pay rebates to anybody. There is no middle man with us.

For decades we have been amongst the top buyers from all the major suppliers in Australia. Just another reason we have better buying power than our competitor’s which means cheaper pricing to us which we pass on to you. As a completely independent store, we buy what we want, when we want, meaning we have access to specials such as discontinued lines and one-off production runs which others stores often do not have access to.

These are just some of the reasons why Steve’s Discount Flooring has always and will always be able to offer you the best pricing in the state. Contact us now for a free measure and quote. You won’t be disappointed.

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